Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday June 26th

Thank you for your continued prayers. In light of Mark's intense physical therapy and rehabilitation program, it is best that no visitors other than family see Mark at this time. Your visits and well-wishes have been wonderful and encouraging; however, Mark has been increasingly tired, and is in need of more rest. Thank you for understanding, and please feel free to drop Mark a card. His address is:

Attn: Mark Goetz
Siskin Hospital, Rm 334
One Siskin Plaza
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Thank you again for your love and support.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

From Kay, Thursday June 22, 2006

Jack and I, Leslie, and their sons and daughter, cannot thank you adequately for your continuing prayers on his behalf. Rehab is apparently going well after three intensive days. Mark is exhausted but seemingly in good spirits. He’s called us on the phone which is exciting. I have a sore throat and nasal congestion which is so unusual for me –so have not seen him for a few days.
The cards and other expressions of love and care mean so much to him and tangibly let him know he is not alone in this trial. There’s a whole family out there….God’s family and we are so very thankful for you!
Please pray for the following:
1. That Mark would not become discouraged or depressed but that he would walk in obedience, giving thanks in everything, being anxious about not one single thing…and remembering God is sovereign. The Psalmist wrote, “it is good that I have been afflicted that I might learn Your statutes”. It is my heart’s desire that Mark will say the same and that he would come to know God in a way he has never known Him before.
2. That God would be so glorified in Mark, in all that happens in his room, and in all of us…Pray for outstanding physical therapy, nurses and attendants who love their profession, give it their all, and understand their patient.
3. Mark’s right side is weak….his right leg shakes and he cannot walk on it and trust it to hold him. Pray for that right side and leg.
4. His mental acuteness and cognitive ability. He carries on good conversations but his short term memory still falters. He cannot always find the right words.
5. Pray for Leslie as she has so much on her right now. She needs wisdom, courage and strength. I am so proud of her. Pray that she will be healed of her fibromyalgia which has been so bad.
6. Pray for Mark’s eating…he has no appetite. He needs good nutrition. Pray the hospital will allow him to take Juice Plus. He needs those 17 fruits and vegetables with all their phytonutrients.
7. Pray God will protect him from all infections.
8. Pray that he will soon beable to read the Word and concentrate and that it will go deep into rich soil and bear a great harvest.
9. Pray for Jack and myself and that we will have great wisdom in how to be all we should be to our son and his family.
10. Would you also pray for Jack…we went away to a lake house loaned to us and came home the next day (Monday) as Jack was feeling so weak in his legs…and he came in just yesterday afternoon just feeling so weak in the legs….pray we will know if it is a side-effect from a medicine he stopped taking or if there is something else wrong.
11. One last thing….since I am on a roll….when this happened to Mark, I was suppose to go take care of my mother who will be 95 next month…couldn’t go…she is soooo tired and wants to die.. If you would, please pray for her, Leah, I would appreciate it – God’s timing. And if God wants me to see her one more time that I will be able to get there.
Love to you all….by the way, I am doing great. For this we have Jesus…and having Jesus we stand in the lavish grace of God.
Love to you all,

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

Praise God! Last night, Mark was moved to Siskin Hospital here in Chattanooga to begin rehabilitation. He will be there for approximately 1 month, and then will be transferred to his home where there will be more rehabilitation treatment.

Jack and Kay and the rest of the family thank God for how He has gone before them in this process. Mark's Dr is a Christian, as is a nurse who will be working with Mark.

At this time, Mark has resigned from his COO position here at Precept Ministries International, and Pete De Lacy has assumed this role. Pete is very qualified for this position, and has been with the ministry many years working along side Mark as our Vice President of Teaching and Training. This transition has been very smooth.

As Mark undergoes intense rehabilitation and physical therapy, please pray that the Lord's grace will strengthen him and that His peace will cover him. At this time it is unknown the outcome or extent of Mark's brain healing. We know that God is sovereign and will certainly use Mark for His kingdom as He sees fit, but how we hope and pray His will includes healing Mark fully. We trust His ways, and know He will continue to provide fully for the Goetz family. Thank you for your continued love and support for Jack, Kay, David Arthur and family, Tom Goetz and family, and of course Mark, his wife, Leslie, their sons, John and Ryan, and their daughter, Alexandra. Pray that God's Word will bring encouragement to their hearts as they walk through this very difficult road ahead.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday, June 14th

Mark is off the feeding tube!! We are praying fervently that he will be able to be accepted to Siskin Hospital (a rehabilitation facility). In order for this to happen, Mark will have to be in a better state to receive instruction and obey. Currently he is extremely frustrated and confused at times. How we pray he will be able to begin rehabilitation soon. Meanwhile, we know that the Lord is on His throne and trust Him. We pray for continued healing that Mark might be restored and that God's fame and glory will be spread as a result.

Blessings to you and again, thank you for your prayers and support!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13th

Thank you does not say enough of how much the family appreciates your fervency in prayer. Mark passed his swallowing test!! Thank you, Lord!!

We are still praying that Mark will be able to begin Rehab soon. Also please pray as Mark has been experiencing severe back pain. They likely will increase his pain medication, but do pray that they are able to find the cause and relieve the problem there very soon.

Love to all from Jack and Kay and the Goetz family!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday June 12th

Thank you all for your diligent prayers. The surgeon is pleased with the progress so far, as is the physical therapist. There is still a long road ahead, but we praise God for what He has done thus far.

Mark is answering questions, and will recognize people - speaking out his or her name. His words do get jumbled still, which the Doctors say is normal.

Mark will have a swallowing test today, so the family is asking prayer that he will soon be able to swallow. Continue to pray that the Lord protects Mark from infections while in the hospital.

Pray also that Mark will be able to get up soon, and that he will be able to begin some of the rehab process soon.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday, June 9th Update and Prayer Requests

Kay wanted to thank everyone for their prayers. What a blessing it is for Jack and Kay, and the Goetz family to know that their Precept family, and extended family of believers are holding them up in prayer. What an encouragement you are!

Mark has made some progress which they praise God for. The hematoma was on the left side of the brain (which affects the right side of the body), so there was (and still is) some concern about the affect and mobility on Mark’s right side. Today, Mark has been moving his right arm some, which is a very good sign. He also has been answering some yes and no questions off and on.

Here are a few specific things that the family is asking prayer for:

* That Mark’s brain would recover quickly and miraculously
* That God would protect Mark (while in the hospital) from any infections
* While Mark has moved his right arm some, he has not yet moved his right leg, so please play for restoration there
* Pray that Mark’s speech becomes coherent. Currently his words are jumbled (which is expected)
* Kay has been playing scripture CDs and asks us to pray that God’s Word goes deep in Mark’s soul, and that God will protect him from depression. Pray also that Mark will communicate with God in the inner man both with heart and mind.

Kay was unable to leave to take care of her mother in Michigan as she had originally planned, but she says her mom was so sweet and understanding. Please keep her mom, Leah, in your prayers also, as her health is so very fragile at this time.

The Arthur’s and the Goetz family are so very appreciative of your love and prayers during this time. Your support means so much, and they are grateful for your friendship.

We will continue to keep you posted as there are changes.

Thursday, June 8th

Thursday, June 8th

Mark's digression was linked to low sodium-chloride levels. The Drs are gradually increasing this, and as a result, Mark is starting to respond. Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, June 6th - Wednesday, June 7th

Wednesday, June 7th
No real change, though Mark was opening and closing his eyes, but not responding as he had just days before. An MRI and CAT scan was ordered to hopefully shed light on what has caused the change.

Tuesday night, June 6th
Mark is not responding well. His eyes are open but he is not engaged with surrounding activity.

Sunday, June 4 - Monday June 5

Monday, June 5th

Mark was moved from ICU to Intermediate Care!

Sunday, June 4th

Mark made some encouraging strides in recovery today! The Doctors have brought him fully out of the medically induced coma, and he is responding to commands, but having some difficulty moving his right leg. (Since the hematoma was on the left side, this affects the right side of the body). The family was encouraged to see him grasp Kay's hand with his right hand! He was trying to speak, but words were difficult to understand.

The Beginning (May 28th- June 3rd)

Sunday, May 28th, Mark Goetz (Jack and Kay Arthur's son and COO of Precept Ministries International) collapsed. Upon the Doctor's understanding that Mark had a large hematoma on the left side of his brain, emergency surgery was implemented immediately.

The surgery was successful but due to the seriousness of the surgery, Mark was placed in ICU and was administered a drug-induced coma through Sunday, June 4th. The Doctors needed to insure no movement to his brain, as stillness was imparative for healing to begin.

There were times when the Doctors would bring Mark out of the coma somewhat to test his ability to obey commands, and his mobility (ie: moving a hand or a foot). They were encouraged with Mark's ability to understand commands and show some response.